Why We’re Changing Everything

In 2015 I started a marketing company and named it Arrow Multimedia. Back then I was focused on just basic website design, charging incredibly low rates for simple WordPress websites.

At that time, I was primarily targeting extremely small businesses and offering dirt cheap rates for work that, today, I would consider amateur level. Few of those websites are still operating in their entirety today, however I have been extremely fortunate to continue working with those businesses to this day and have put in time to apply necessary updates.

Over the past 3 and a half years I’ve been employed full time at publishing firms, learning all I can about marketing in both traditional and digital forms. Over the course of those 3 years I’ve learned an incredible amount not only about marketing, but also about myself.

In 2015 I was 20 years old and just beginning to explore as an entrepreneur and as a media creator. 3 years later I can confidently say that I’ve found the direction that I need to be moving in and the right direction that I need to be building this company in.

Over the past 3 months I’ve been considering what changes I need to be making and rolling them out slowly. This blog is a good indicator of the new direction that I’ve decided to go. It’s highly likely that you’ve never seen the previous 362835493 iterations of our website, but if you had then you would notice a sharp contrast between what it was and what it is today.

I’ve taken a long hard look at Arrow Multimedia’s current service offerings and realized that our paradigm no longer fits what this organization has grown in to. Because of that, I have chosen to revamp our service offerings, pitch deck, pricing model, and ultimately the value that we offer our clients. Recently we’ve begun work with a select few companies, creating case studies and proving our new value.

I guess this is more or less a long-winded way of saying that I want my marketing agency to be focused on building strong brands that will last for years to come. I reject fad marketing tactics and will focus vehemently on doing what is right by our clients, rather than what is necessarily easy. As it stands today, I feel as though this company has outgrown its infancy and now deserves a new name and identity to suit its new direction.

With this new outcome in mind, we will continue to differentiate ourselves from, not only every other digital marketing firm, but every other marketing company in the world.

Arrow Multimedia was the freelance operation that built cheap websites for small businesses.

ArrowX is the marketing agency that converts brands into legacies.

In 2019 so few brands are built with the intent of lasting for years to come. Investors look for unicorns and entrepreneurs look to pump and dump businesses to make a quick buck. Nothing has illustrated this point more clearly than the fad of overnight digital markers, drop shippers and consultants. From this moment forward ArrowX will be totally committed to working for what’s important – building brands and businesses that matter.

Going forward we will be highly selective on the brands that we choose to work with and focus with laser-like precision on building these brands into national organizations that help to move the world forward.

There are many big announcements to make in the coming months, including more on the specific direction ArrowX will be taking as well as the specific industries and services that we’ll be giving our attention to.

This transition will take place swiftly over the next 3 months and by April, all services will have transitioned to the new ArrowX brand.

As I move forward on this journey, I want to thank everyone that I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past 3 years. Thank you for all the lessons that you’ve taught me, especially the hard ones. Thank you to all the clients that I’ve had the pleasure of working with up to this point and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

And of course, a special thank you to you, the reader, for taking the time to learn a little more about my story.

Until next time,

Jay Cumming
Founder and President
ArrowX Ltd.
(800) 655-3817