Should Brand Awareness Be a Focus in 2019?

Here’s another great comparison between digital and traditional marketing and striking a good balance between the two, despite our changing perceptions. Often marketers are very tempted by clients, employers or shareholders to focus on quick conversions and digital marketing exclusively without focusing attention on developing strong brand awareness.

I’ve already written about this but one of the major pit falls of focusing on cheap acquisitions as opposed to developing a strong brand is having an ultra-weak presence and no brand loyalty. Customers engage with products instead of companies and commoditize your offerings.

I’d like to take a moment and zero in on a specific word: commoditize

As marketers, it’s vey easy for us to get sucked into a client’s idea of commoditizing a cost per lead or a cost per acquisition. By boiling our service offering down to this singular point, it makes us easily replaceable and erases customer loyalty from the equation.

If your services have been cheapened down to a single result that guarantees your replaceability, why would you do that for the organization you’re representing?

Brand awreaness is critical in 2019 and should frankly be one of the largest focuses of any marketing team because it shifts the conversation away from the price of the product and on to the organization that’s selling it.

Apple is a great example of this.

Does anyone really think that the new iPhone that costs upwards of $1,500 is really twice as good as a Huwauii? Of course not but we still buy iPhones.

There’s a reason for that!

Steve Jobs made the entire world fall in love with Apple’s brand and mission before he died, and after 10 years of iPhone, Apple still hasn’t managed to wreck that brand image. People buy Apple because they think of themselves as people that represent the ideal Apple user. Apple has done a great job of convincing the world that everyone with certain traits should buy Apple computers.

We don’t even consider that their products may be too expensive or subpar compared to another manufacturer.

This is the ultimate realization of brand identity and it shows, since Apple is the world’s first trillion-dollar company.

But here’s a question for you – if Apple is the world’s first trillion-dollar company and they have one of the world’s most successful brands, why have you never seen a conversion campaign for them? I mean, sure, you’ve seen conversion campaigns to cell iPhones from cell carriers like Rogers and Telus, but when have you ever seen an ad, sponsored by Apple, trying to sell you and iPhone or a Mac?

Every successful ad that Apple created was designed to invoke a feeling and create an identity. After Steve Jobs died Apple became less successful at this, driving excitement around new iterations of old products based on slick renderings and trendy pop music. To be fair, Steve Jobs was a master of branding and Tim Cook probably did as well as he could filling shoes that large.

The point is that yes, your company absolutely needs to focus on brand awareness in 2019 and Instagram isn’t the only platform to do it on.

Podcasting is an incredible way to bring people into your sphere of influence and build an audience around a topic. I recommend most businesses to start podcasts because it conveys strong credibility over sustained periods of time in a medium that isn’t quite as crowded as blogging.

Long form written content is another incredible way to drive strong brand awareness and provide real credibility to your brand. Long form written content is a great way to deliver value and communicate expertise to your potential customers, which is exactly what I do with these posts.

Video is perhaps the ultimate way to drive strong brand awareness but also the most expensive. Creating strong video that drives real awareness to your brand is something that few marketers are equipped to do, so you’ll pay for that accordingly. Additionally, shooting video is never cheap, especially if you have to do so on location.

What will your organization do to drive awareness to your brand in 2019?