How to Go Viral in 2019

The holy grail of marketing – going viral on social media. You wouldn’t believe how many clients have asked me about going viral on Facebook or YouTube. The question is always how do you do it? How do you predictably create content that goes viral?

99% of companies trying to go viral will never go viral and I’m starting to think that the reason that they’ll never go viral is because they’re trying.

Here’s a story – Amy Morin is one of the most viewed TEDx speakers of all time and her entire career was predicated on going viral. Now granted, there was a lot of work that went into creating herself before she went viral but the reason for her opportunities and her current career as a speaker and author is because she went viral.

Amy wrote an article titled, “the 13 things mentally strong people don’t do,” and published it on medium. The article took her probably half an hour to write and wasn’t because of any great stroke of genius or planning.

Amy was having a hard time in general and going through a lot in her personal life. She wrote that article as a letter to herself to reminder her of the habits that she knows lead to unhappiness. She didn’t do it because it’s what she thought people would google or share, she wrote it because it was the ultimate, raw expression of herself at that moment.

And I think that’s the real key to not just going viral, but to marketing in general. I think the biggest problem with the advertising industry is the inherent dishonesty. People have been around long enough to know when they’re being sold something. The internet has commoditized distribution to the point where we can find content that feels real and genuine.

It’s 2019, you can’t expect to last long in business with a shitty product wrapped up in nice advertising. That doesn’t work anymore, and your sales will reflect your dishonesty. Your brand has become so much more than just your product or your logo or your typography. Your brand is the sum total of all of your customer interactions. Its how you make people feel.

In other words, stop trying to go viral. Be honest.

We’re all humans at the end of the day and we know when we’re being lied to. I don’t know why we know, we just have a feeling. That feeling will work against your brand and your sales 100% of the time.

Be real, be the ultimate unapologetic version of yourself and the ultimate manifestation of what your company believes in; people will come to you. We have the internet and advertising has never been cheaper. Don’t worry about organic traffic, paid traffic is cheap. Worry about being the most authentic you can possibly be at any given time.